periodic and cyclic table of elements of matter

all of these graphs are about what is happening in just one (1) cubic wave field. the propagation into the mirrored and projected surrounding cubes is actually equal to the original cube that is being projected outwards and back inwards.


All the shown geometries are therefor happening simultaneously in this one single cube-sphere.


There are not two different things in this universe of one... All atoms are just aspects of but one single atom.

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part -1-


- first octave emerging out of ninth octave...

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part -2-


- third octave emerging out of seventh octave...

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part -3-



- fourth and fifth octaves come close to balance as they are closely packed in equal truncated octahedra

.... the third and sixth octaves on the right are repeated here from the second image. Important to notice is that, as the initial cube continues breathing out, the spin axis shifts 90 degrees in relation to the observer. That's why the horizontal blue ring appears here in vertical position and the green disc horizontal..

Geometric Relationship between the Nine Octaves of seemingly Different Elements of Matter in Motion.


The five stages are separated in this graph in order to show the ratio of motion between them.


Actually all simulation of thought in motion happens in just one single cube-sphere. There are four of seven axis' simultaniously projecting this complete sequence from plane through sphere and back to plane, and there are three axis' reflecting planes upon planes.... 

Walter Russell images of the wave and the periodic table of elements.