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Text from "Rediscovering Duality" by Richard Merrick

Amazingly, it is little known today that the central function of the golden ratio and Fibonacci series in Nature is to suppress destructive resonance and provide order. For instance, the near-Phi (and inverse) dimensions of 1.62 X 1 X 0.62 are used in rectangular speaker enclosures and music halls to cancel, or damp, unwanted sound wave reflection. In fact, any fractional sound frequency inside the Fibonacci “vortex of silence” converging to Phi will be damped, which is why a near value like 1.62 does the job. We find Phi’s “perfect damping” central to Hermetic wisdom and its “sacred geometry” dating back to the Egyptians. This is nowhere more evident than in the Great Pyramid whose dimensions are based on Phi-damping proportions sqrt(Phi) X 1 X Phi, otherwise known as the Egyptian triangle. The Egyptians were well aware that the infinite background underlying harmonic structure was the golden ratio and so used Phi as a launch pad for King Khufu’s after life.

Inside all standing waves, whether in sound, light, electromagnetic energy or matter, there are always two such Phi-damping frequency locations per wave cycle. Around these locations a little space is carved out by Fibonacci ratios, canceling all fractional vibrations and providing the needed space for whole number harmonics to oscillate without collision. A standing wave will simply cease to exist without this policing action. 

In this way, Fibonacci damping is really an anti-harmonic force between harmonic structures. It is the reason electrons orbit their nucleus in whole number proportions. It is the reason that spacing of planets in our solar system conforms to a mean proportion of Phi. It is the reason a musical octave divides best into 12 steps and why we are able to anticipate the directional energy flow in music harmony. But most importantly, it is the reason the carbon-12 atom, as the most stable element and standard measure of atomic weight, is found abundantly in all life.


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